Proteinuria and Symptoms of protein leakage in the urine.

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Protein leakage (Proteinuria) or a condition in which there is a large amount of protein in the urine. It is a health problem that can occur for many reasons. Sometimes this is just a temporary cause. like dehydration or heavy exercise But sometimes it can be a sign of kidney disease. Learning how to monitor yourself is important.

I believe that the general public may not be familiar with the name of the disease. “Protein leaks in the urine” because this disease is still rare That is, there are not many patients. ยูฟ่าเบท we would like to take you to get to know the causes and symptoms of the disease. Because this disease can be reduced and prevented by adjusting behavior. Especially choosing to eat food. Reducing sugar consumption and taking good care of congenital diseases Especially kidney related diseases.

Protein leakage(Proteinuria) or a condition in which the body excretes a large amount of albumin with the urine. It is a condition that can happen to anyone. But people in the risk group may have a greater chance of it happening, such as people over 65 years of age and people with a family history of kidney disease  or diabetes. 

Possible causes include those that may result in a temporary protein leak. to causes related to illness with certain diseases For reasons that may be temporary, such as Heavy exercise, stress, dehydration  , low blood pressure.

Symptoms of protein leakage in the urine

Have foamy urine Frequent urination at night, swollen feet, swollen body, swollen eyelids. You may find that you have gained weight for no apparent reason. This disease is found in high-risk patients such as people with diabetes and autoimmune disease (SLE).

How to prevent and reduce the risk of leaky protein in the urine

  • Take care of your health, control your weight. Good sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Avoid taking medicines that your doctor has not prescribed.
  • Regularly check your health and have a urine test at least once a year

In most cases Temporary protein leaks usually do not have any serious effects on the body. However, it is also possible that this problem could be indicative of, or could lead to, more serious health problems. Especially when this condition occurs together with other symptoms such as swelling in the body. urinating less or occurs in people with high levels of urea (Urea) and creatinine (Creatinine)