Reduce bad breath with 4 drinks

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Halitosis is the foul odor that comes from the breath. If it happens, it will cause your personality to be damaged. Lack of confidence But during the day, you may not be able to brush your teeth as often as you’d like. This can cause problems during the day. Therefore, another way that can help reduce the problem of bad breath is to choose a drink that can help you smoothly. Plus, eating it also has health benefits!

In your daily life where you are in a hurry and have to meet, UFABET, talk, and interact with many people, clean, fresh breath is important. But during the day, you may not be able to brush your teeth as often as you’d like. Another way to help reduce the problem of bad breath is to choose beverages that are easily available. Close to the following.

  • Water. Drinking water frequently. It will help wash out and reduce the concentration of bacteria in the mouth. and increases the flow of saliva Both bacteria and low saliva flow It is an important factor that causes bad breath.
  • Lemon juice increases the amount of saliva. This is because the citric acid in lemon juice has properties similar to the acid in saliva, which can kill bacteria in the mouth and reduce bad breath.​
  • Orange juice and guava juice help reduce bad breath very well. Because it has both vitamin C And there is fiber that will help reduce bacteria in the mouth. Helps reduce constipation, which is the cause of bad breath.
  • Green tea contains flavonoids. It has the effect of reducing bacteria and helping fight inflammation in the mouth very well. How to drink tea to be most effective in reducing bad breath. is to drink tea after a meal.

Tea is a popular drink for people in many countries. It is said that people first sipped tea in China thousands of years ago. And that tea has traveled to various lands around the world until it is considered a drink that is popular with many people.

That is because One cup of hot tea contains polyphenols. This is a substance that will help stop the growth of bacteria in the mouth, teeth, and throat. Which causes tooth decay and various oral diseases. So some people use tea to rinse their mouth in the morning. And drink tea after meals This helps reduce the risk of gum disease as well.

The causes of bad breath can occur from both internal and external problems in the mouth. Abnormalities occurring within the mouth such as tooth decay, oral ulcers, gingivitis. Or allergy symptoms ​ Not cleaning braces or dentures well enough. It may also be a sign of chronic disease, such as sinusitis. Tonsillitis, cancer, and diabetes, etc.​