3 easy ways to check for “glaucoma” and know before you risk

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3 easy ways to check for “glaucoma” and know before you risk permanent blindness.

With increasing age And maybe because of the lack of attention to the health of the eyes of young people these days. As a result, in Thailand, more and more patients with glaucoma are found. And they tend to get younger and younger, even worse, before the patient realizes that they are having glaucoma. It may be too late. You will lose your vision for the rest of your life because 9 out of 10 people have no symptoms. More than 50% of the eye was destroyed, causing permanent blindness.

Therefore, โปรโมชั่น ufabet would like to bring information from Chulabhorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society for friends to check their eye health. You can easily check for symptoms of glaucoma by yourself.

First of all, let’s have a look. Who is in the special risk group?

Glaucoma risk group

  1. Middle-aged people over 40 years of age
  2. Found a history of family members having glaucoma.
  3. Are you a person who is very farsighted or very shortsighted?
  4. Have used steroid medicine for a period of time
  5. Is a patient with an underlying disease related to the blood system, blood vessels, or diabetes.

easy ways to check “glaucoma”

  1. Check the clarity of your eyesight by closing your eyes and looking at an object, such as a sign with letters on it. By closing your eyes and looking at each side
  2. Observe the picture from the side first. Is it as sharp as the center image? This is because vision loss usually starts from the side first.
  3. If it is normal glaucoma, the symptoms will progress slowly. Until the patient may not notice the abnormality of his or her eyesight. But if you have acute glaucoma There will be a headache. Severe and sudden eye pain, red eyes, tears flowing, eyes unable to tolerate light, blurred vision, seeing rainbow colors around lights. and nausea and vomiting

How to treat glaucoma

– Treated with medicine, eye drops to reduce the pressure in the eyes to normal condition. Creates moisture in the eyeball and helps to improve the outflow of lubricating fluid into the eyeball

– Use laser according to each type of glaucoma found.

– Surgery for patients who cannot use laser methods.