Baggio has revealed Azzurri loses the Euro World Cup.

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Legendary footballer Roberto Baggio has revealed that it was the most painful thing for Italy to win the Euros. But failed to qualify for the finals of the 2022 World Cup.

         “Azzurri” misses out as a runner-up in Group C. Causing him to drop out to play in the play-off round C But pushed to turn the block on North Macedonia. UFABET Which was unbelievably eliminated, which Baggio revealed that it was the most painful thing.

         “Italy won the Euro. I think it’s a shame It’s crazy that they didn’t automatically qualify for the World Cup,” said Baggio.

         “Anyone can lose a game to anyone on a bad day. But these kids deserve to be rewarded for what they’ve accomplished, right? If I was in that team I probably wouldn’t be able to accept it.”

         Of the 0-3 warm-up defeat to Argentina, Baggio said: “I think Italy was psychologically impact by being eliminate from the World Cup. You can see that it’s a mental problem.”

         “We saw it last night (Wednesday), you cannot compare the calm and confidence of the Argentinian players with our current state of mind.”

         “Roberto Mancini did something special. He must be respect and allowed to continue working his way. We have very talent young players who do not have the opportunity to play in Serie A and that is a problem we know well.”