Bent believes Chelsea and Liverpool want Pogba.

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Ex-England striker Darren Bent believes both Chelsea and Liverpool’s players are keen on high-potential striker Paul Pogba.

         The France midfielder is out of contract with Manchester United at the end of June. Many media reports that. Juventus are most likely to be reunited with the team again. But Pogba has yet to make a decision.

         While Manchester City have been linked with a bid. UFABET Bent believes the Blues and Reds’ players would like to work with Pogba. Although fans don’t like it.

Bent told talkSPORT.

         “When you look at his stats at Manchester United, they’re not that bad.”

         “For people of that quality What’s the most disappointing thing or when you see him wearing the France national team kit? You just need that kind of performance at United.”

         “He’s playing in a better team for France, a better team, I know he’s not good enough. (For United), but he’s a good player. He wasn’t successful but he won two titles there.”

         “It didn’t work and they paid huge amounts of money for players who are now leaving on free transfers. I don’t know if the fans Chelsea will need him to join the team. But I wonder if some players want it or not. The players think differently from the fans.”

         “There will be real admiration for Paul Pogba amongst the rest of the Premier League players. from the players who duel with him I think the other Chelsea players will think, ‘I’d love to have a player like that here.’ ‘He doesn’t work hard enough. It didn’t work at United. Why do we need him?'”

         “But the players will stick differently. It will be the same way that Liverpool fans might think he is not suitable for this system. But I bet there are players, Liverpool want him.