Burley urges Javier Tebas to shut up.

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Craig Burley has urged La Liga president Javier Tebas to do something more useful than commenting on Azulgrana’s summer signings.

Former Scotland midfielder Craig Burley has suggested Javier Tebas should shut up. And read or do something better than commenting on transfers this summer of Barcelona. ​​According to a report from ESPN on Thursday.

La Liga president Tebas has told reporters that. Barcelona are not financially strong enough to sign Robert Lewandowski ahead of Azulgra president Joan Laporta. It should have remark that they were piercing-mouthed, light-hungry ghosts. UFABET And staring at the interests of the Catalunya giants. 

During ESPN FC’s discussion of the issue. One of the guru Sid Low with bookshelves in the background said Tebas’ comments were unnecessary. And not help with anything. 

Before Burley the 50 year old called with a joking question: ‘Would you like to give Tebas the book behind you. Sid? Can you let him shut up? to read (book), to do something. Has he nothing better to do?’ 

‘At the end he can manage the rules and regulations of the finances of Barcelona. And every club he’s working with. They will sign the players.’

‘If they don’t meet that criteria. They will not be able to register players. Then it will be a problem for Tebas.’

‘This is just a rumor right now and a discussion about transferring teams. This is the only possible negotiation and just a scam game between clubs players and agents.’ Berley commented.