Pogba to J Medical for new injury test.

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Paul Pogba has arrived at J Medical for a new injury test. After starting the game for Juventus on Sunday. Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri named Pogba as a surprise start for Sunday’s 2-0 Serie A win over Cremonese. It was his first start since moving to Maturin in the second round.

Pogba had only been on the pitch for just over 20 minutes, but an injury was plaguing him. And must receive first aid in the field in a timely manner. Before being substituted from the field in the 24th minute, Arkadius Milik came on instead.

On Monday morning, Pogba appeared at J Medical. The club’s medical center to receive a detailed injury examination Initially, it was assumed that there was a problem with the left thigh muscle. This has caused the France international to hold his number on the field this season at 159 minutes UFABET

Pogba return from Manchester United for a second time last summer. But faced injury problems since pre-season that caused him to take a long break. And deciding to choose the wrong treatment result in missing the chance to play in the 2022 World Cup in November last year unfortunately.

For Pogba, facing ongoing problems Since the contract with Manchester United expired and signed a free contract with Juventus for the second time last summer.