What is baccarat? 

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A game called baccarat Originated from Italy in the 1400s by a gambler named Felix Falguiere. He called this game baccarat in Italian. Mean 0 because of the cards that are number 10 and the cards that are J, Q, K is equal to 0. 

For centuries, most people believed that baccarat they knew. It is a game for elites only. With a play that requires a board for playing. And the dealer (dealer) in a special closed room. Decorated with velvet curtains Players sit on premium leather upholstered chairs. To allow players to concentrate on the game with various playing techniques.

Before became famous by Ian Fleming. He learned how to play And has created a character who is a baccarat master like James Bond with a cool attitude throughout the game that makes many people who watch this movie want to play according to the protagonist of the story.game by UFABET

One of the famous casino games, Baccarat , originated as a game played for the elite of the past. and have traveled across different continents until becoming popular among gamblers With a game that is difficult to predict because 6-8 decks of cards are used to play each turn. And that makes it the charm of baccarat that anyone. I want to play to win once