Grealish denies the media after criticizing the championship celebration.

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Manchester City midfielder Jack Grealish has hit back at the media. After he was criticized for over-celebrating the Premier League title.

         The English midfielder has move from Aston Villa to play at the Etihad. This season’s stadium with a fee of 100 million pounds is the most expensive in the UK. After winning the Premier League title. He was fully celebrated both at work with the club. Including traveling to Ibiza to celebrate.

         This work many British media outlets criticize the behavior of Grealish. That is too extreme UFABET. Which refer to respond and explain what happen.

         “I’ve been doing what I’ve love my whole life.” Grealish told The Mirror. “I’m the most expensive British player. But I’m Jack from Solihull with friends and family. I’m not going to let that go. No matter what anyone says.”

         “I know what people were saying last week. ‘Oh, this bastard is overdoing it’ But what about? I just won the Premier League it’s a dream come true Why can’t I celebrate?”

         “There are English people with me right now in Vegas, Ibiza, Marbella everywhere, no one said anything. But because it is me So people say things.”

         “I love coming here, I love training, playing with my friends wonderful guys. We are always looking forward to playing together.”